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Unit 4 Study Abroad

Key to Exercises Opener

Suggested answers for reference

1. Between the 2006/07 academic year and the 2013/14 academic year, the number of Chinese studentsat US colleges grew from 67,723 to 274,439, making China the single largest country of origin for allinternational students in the US. 2. There are several reasons. For starters, Chinese families are better off now and can affordinternational study for their kids. Secondly, in this age of globalization, it’s natural for people tomove from country to country seeking opportunities, including opportunities in a different educationsystem. Thirdly, studying abroad is a way for countries to learn from each other. When Chinesestudents return from overseas, they can help develop China.

3. I’d like to study abroad. I’m curious about the outside world, want to pick up different perspectives,and broaden my mind. I’d like to draw on the best of the Chinese education system and the Westernone.

Reading & Interacting

I. Understanding the Text

1. Text Organization Name of the calssic Theme of the classic Paragraphs Related events in author’s life 1. She had left home because she wanted tounderstand better Western civilization The Odyssey Going home 1-6 andAmerican society. 2. She missed home because studying humanitiesat Yale was 1) different from that in China, e.g. nocorrectanswers to memorize, originality needed inclass and for homework; 2) difficult for a foreign student, e.g. reading,listening and note-taking. Being torn The Aeneid betweenthe pastand the future

2. Comprehension Check 2.1 Focusing on the main ideas

I was admitted into a freshman program at Yale that required us to read up Western classics,comprehend them, analyze them and turn in papers with original ideas on them. Although thiswas my first year in an all-English environment, and sometimes I was tired of all the hard work,I yearned to understand Western society. I made up for my lack of preparation with diligence. Ipulled all-nighters, I lingered after class to ask questions, I learned note-taking in English from myclassmates, and I visited the writing tutor. As a result, as the year came to an end, I received A’s forall my papers. 2.2 Digging into detail

1. No, there wasn’t. Because when she reached out for a human being, she grabbed a

book instead.

2. Because it was like committing suicide to try to read up and understand Western canons in ayear’s time.

3. Force students to read without being concerned about whether they are interested, willing or ableto.

4. Because she had been used to the Chinese way of learning humanities, i.e., teachers giving outstandard interpretations for students to memorize.

7-9 1. Her mother wanted her to take science likeChinese students traditionally did. 2. She wanted to study humanities and write betterEnglish. 5. She would spend the night reading their works and trying to understand their ideas.

2.3 Understanding difficult sentences 1. B 2. B 3.A 4.A 5. A

II. Focusing on Language in Context

1. Key Words & Expressions 1.1

1. Which one is better, a secure job with a low pay or a job with a high pay but easy to lose?

2. News filtered through from Bombay last night of a city on strike and tourists stuck at the airport.

3. Suicide ranks as the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Globally, an estimated700,000 people take their own lives annually.

4. A large product catalog is critical to a successful furniture store website. People who visit yourwebsite are looking for new furniture. You need to show it to them.

5. Some of the most provocative thinkers, writers, artists, business people, teachers and otherleaders drawn from different fields around the world will gather at this summer program — toteach, speak, lead, question, and answer. 6. The guy tried to run away but the policeman caught him by grabbing the collar of his coat.

7. This dialogue window pops up in my game every five seconds! How do I disable it?

8. Life is like a journey with no known destination. 9. No one can finish all the tasks alone. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. We can all benefit fromcooperation.

10. Manchester United, dubbed the Red Devils, is a top football team in England. 11. The police officer turned to the crowd and shouted, “Come on. You need to get

out of here. Nolingering around the crime scene.”

12. The flower show is so crowded that there is never an ideal spot for taking pictures no matterhow you position yourself.

13. Our mutual friend John has got a rare ability to memorize facts and figures. 14. John stretched out an arm from bed to pick up his phone. Sleepily he asked, “Who is it?”

15. An advance team was sent to the UK to make preparations for President Xi Jinping’s visit. 1.2

1. for instance 2. was flooded with 3. destined to 4. reluctant 5. pull them apart 6. stick to 7. pleaded with8. As a result 1.3

1. No flowers grew here. No humans ever came. Only the bare grey sand stretched out towards/tothe roaring sea. 2. As a Harry Potter fan, Emily felt obligated to visit the Elephant House, the café shop inEdinburgh where J. K. Rowling started writing the series.

3. The saying “Students must do the boring stuff before they can do the interesting stuff” can beroughly translated as “Students must memorize before they can be allowed to think.”

4. According to The Odyssey, Odysseus was the only human being to hear the alluring song of theSirens and live to tell of it. 5. At first, she pleaded with the doctors to save/not to cut off her son’s arm, but the doctor saidthere was no choice.

2. Collocation

1. Many Chinese tourists are disappointed to find shops in Europe closed on


2. Peter Mayle, author of A Year in Provence, is content to live a quiet life in rural France.

3. I am sorry to say that, despite the efforts of our care team, the patient is going from bad to worse.

4. Because of pollution, water here is no longer fit to drink. 5. The old lady impressed me as someone hard to deal with. 6. This sofa is comfortable to sit on. I’ll take it.

3. Sentence Patterns

1. What better way to remember our beloved daughter than to set up/setting up a scholarship in her name?

2. What better way to start off the new year than to draw up/drawing up a list of goals to be attainedin it?

3. Yes, listing Americans’ favorite foods may depend a lot on whom you ask, but one thing is sure:The United States owes many of its favorite dishes, or the ideas for these foods, to the rest of theworld.

4. Yes, Claire is young, but she is very good at attending to difficult customers. 5. Yes, he talked like a man of sense, but his action was that of a fool.

4. Comprehensive Practice 4.1 Cloze

What would you do if a chance to study abroad popped up? Would you hesitate or would yougrab it straight away? Your answer may well depend on the destination on offer. For instance, studyingat Cambridge may well seem more alluring than studying at a less well-known university. Andthen, of course, there is the program on offer to take into consideration. Do you yearnto exploresubjects totally new to you or are you reluctant to stray from areas in which you feel secure? In makingthe choice you may just have to rely on your instinct about what will suit you best. 4.2 Translation

1. I grabbed my baby from the tiger before I had time to feel afraid. I guess it was a mother’s naturalinstinct.

2. Modern tourists yearn for mysterious places like Tibet. You should go there