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Unit10 I’d like some noodles.

第一課時 Teaching goals:

Ss master the words about different foods. Ss can talk about the specials in the restaurant. Ss can make their own conversation.

Teaching Important Points:

the food words; the different specials in a restaurant Teaching Difficult Points:

the meaning of special; different kinds of noodles.

Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard Blackboard Design:

mutton beef noodles chicken cabbage potatoes tomatoes carrots Teaching Procedures: Step1: Lead-in.

Show some different pictures about the food. Rise ss’ interests.

Step2: Learn new words.

1.show the food words by PPT.

Teacher---lead to read Students-----read in a row

2. exercises about the food words, and show the noodles with

different materials

Ss show their classmate what kind of noodles do they like. 3.Match the activities with the pictures. Finish 1a. Pair check------class check

Step3: Do the listening1

1.Listen and check the noodles that the person orders.

“ What would you like?” “I would….”

“I s there……” “yes, there is. I would like….”


Ss----fill in the blanks. 2.:Listen and repeat.

3. Role-play Girls: A Boys: B Step3: Do the listening2

1. Listen and check the names of the foods you hear.

2. Listen again, complete these sentences. 3. Listen and repeat.

Step4: Speaking and Writing

1. Ask and answer(pair work)

A: What kind of noodles would you like? B: I’d like beef noodles, please.


Predict the conversation in 2d. Refection:

1. 在單詞的學習上,除了通過圖片的展示與錄音的跟讀,在第一步可以補充:通過分類(主食、水果、蔬菜、湯類等),這樣既復習了以前上冊所學,同時又讓學生可以產生深刻的印象。

2. 最后一個環節語言輸出的過程中,可以讓學生進行一個


第二課時 Teaching goals:

Ss can master the usge of the sentences to order food.

Ss can complete the sentences by listening to the material. Ss can make up their own dialogue.

Teaching Important Points: Train Ss’ listening skills.

Ss can recognise know how to order food.

Teaching Difficult Points: Finish 3b in exercises. Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard Teaching Procedures:

Step1: listening to the tape

Look at the picture in 2d and listen to the tape. Listen and repeat (act the situation) Role-play the conversation. SS make up their dialogue. Step2: Grammar focus

Read these sentences together. What rules can you find? What kind of noodles would you like? What size would you like?

Would you like a large bowl?

Is there any meat in the tomato and egg soup? Step3: Finish the exercises

3a: Complete the conversation below.

3b: Write questions and answers using the words in brackets. 3c: Work in groups, Who would like the food below. Make a list. A: Ann, what would you like to eat? B: I’d like beef noodles with carrots.

Check the answers by PPT. Step5: Homework:

Remember the dialogue in 2d. Reflection:

1. 在課前的復習上,沒有做到位,使學生一上課對已學知識比較陌生,可以讓學生對所學知識有個復習的環節,例如:跟讀2b 的聽力材料,進行一個簡單的口語對話輸出。

2. Grammar Focus 3a 和3b 的練習,形式可以為小組合作,題的內容是有一點難,所以可以嘗試讓學生在小組內討論解決,再進行全班核對答案。

第三課時 Teaching goals:

Ss can know more words about food.

Ss can make a food order. Train ss’ listening skills.

Teaching Important Points:

Make the sentences into a short passage. Teaching Difficult Points: The listening material in 1c. Teaching Aids:

book tape PPT chalk blackboard Teaching Procedures: Step1: 1. situational act.

May I take your order?

Are there any …? I’d like one bowl of…

What size would you like? Small/ medium/ big bowl. 2. three groups to present. Step2: Do the listening

1. Listen and complete the food order form Order form Address: 15 North Street Telephone number:

Dishes…. Dumplings…… Soup……… drink….. 2. Listen again, check your answers in 1c. 3. Listen and repeat.

Step3: After-listening

Act the conversation how to order food.